Point of Care Testing That Puts Enhanced Speed and Accuracy Right at the Clinician's Fingertips

The Clinician’s Dilemna

Current Point of Care Testing (POCT) techniques provide rapid test results when speed is essential, but in many cases, superior performance is sacrificed to achieve rapid results.

When compared with traditional clinical laboratory instruments in a central laboratory, a recent article from BioMed Central’s BMC Family Practice by Victoria Hardy, et.al. indicates current POCT systems often yield variable results due to:

  • Technological inferiority,
  • Lack of integrated automation, and
  • Reduced analytical performance.

At Ohmx, we’re working to implement a more effective POCT device at a clinician’sfingertips.

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The Clinician’s Solution

Ohmx has developed a unique electrochemical detection methodology that constitutes a new integrated technology platform unlike any other POCT systems currently in the market.

The heart of the platform is proprietary chemical reporter molecules designed to provide very sensitive and precise measurements when integrated with standard immunoassay techniques.

As part of the platform, an automated stand-alone instrument will incorporate the Ohmx proprietary chemistry to analyze a single patient specimen. It will produce accurate analytical results for biomarkers unique to discreet types and states of disease in less than 15 minutes.

Work on the design of the Ohmx instrument is now underway for the POCT segment of the In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market. Key features include:

  • Demonstrated assay performance consistent with instruments in a central laboratory,
  • Detection sensitivity and correlation of patient results to reference methods,
  • Precision and accuracy to rival larger laboratory instruments,
  • A platform technology that accelerates turnaround times (TAT),
  • Compact size to minimize use of bench space in a POCT lab, and
  • Capability to support a broad assay menu

With our combination of speed and accuracy, our POCT instrument provides results right at a clinician’s fingertips.

Point of care testing with enhanced speed and accuracy