Target molecules, whether proteins, small molecules, or nucleic acids, can be detected and measured with the Ohmx platform


Intellectual Property

Core to Ohmx’s technology is its IP portfolio. In total Ohmx has 15 patents granted and 27 additional patent applications pending.

If you are interested in learning more about Ohmx patents or licensing opportunities, please contact us.

Future Vision/Product Development

Ohmx is currently developing a stand-alone instrument that integrates reagent handling, electronic measurements, and data analysis to run fully automated assays. The system will perform all assay steps, read and analyze the electrode signal, and provide the final test results in less than 15 minutes. It will fit easily into POCT locations, and the same instrument will be able to run any assay developed on the Ohmx platform.

Ohmx is incorporating its proprietary detection molecules and all other standard immunoassay reagents needed for testing into single-use test cartridges. Operators will be able to add a patient sample to the cartridge, start the test, and obtain precise quantitative analytical results in minutes.

Point of care testing with enhanced speed and accuracy